District Party Secretary visit Laihe Biotech for guidance exchange

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On the afternoon of March 10th, Wang Min, Secretary of Gaoxin District Committee, visited Hangzhou Leihe Biotech Co., Ltd., accompanied by Shangliping, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Minister of Organization, and leaders of the District Committee Office, Talent Office, Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau and other departments.

Secretary Wang and his party got to know the production and operation, product sales, technological innovation, planning and development of the enterprise on the spot, understood the needs of the enterprise and solved the difficulties of the enterprise. Secretary Wang stressed that the relevant departments should strengthen the enterprise support, proactive forward service, the implementation of the fine benefits of the enterprise policies. The High-tech Zone (Binjiang) will provide precise services in fields, employment, customs clearance, logistics and other aspects to provide a better business environment for the development of enterprises.


 visit Laihe Biotech for guidance exchange